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The College of Business is highly respected for developing professionals with the personal dedication, ethics, and lifelong learning capabilities needed to succeed professionally and serve society. Our strength is in the quality of our faculty who are dedicated to student success.

What Do You Want to Study?



Graduate Programs

Find Your Career in Business

Find a program that matches your interests by exploring what the COB has to offer students.

Help people with their financial future

Be the business professional that helps businesses track and understand business finances.

Become a business leader

Evolve your skills to be ready for the dynamic and challenging business environment.

Showcase your creative side

Exercise your creative thinking and help businesses to achieve their goals.

Analyze current and future business trends

Become aware, comprehend, explore and manage different systems to succeed.

Begin your Business Education journey

Learn the ability to teach the next generation about business.

Carve your International Business future

Develop competencies needed to be a global business leader.

Are you a numbers person?

Do you enjoy working with numbers and analyzing data to make decisions?

Explore your options

Are you a people person?

Do you enjoy working with people on projects or teaching others how to complete a task?

Explore your options

Are you both a numbers person and a people person?

Do you enjoy the variety of working with numbers and people to complete a task?

Explore your options

Start building your career

Integrate classroom knowledge with a “real world” work experience.

Learn more about internships opportunities

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