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We lead the way to reduce our environmental impact at Illinois State.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a practice in which we consider the implications of our individual and collective actions; the interconnectivity among people and ecosystems coexisting within communities and across the globe; and a vision for an equitable and thriving planet for generations to come.

At Illinois State, putting sustainability into practice means:

  • fostering a culture of sustainability through leadership, commitments, engagement, and traditions
  • finding solutions through diverse, interdisciplinary collaboration, teaching, research, and innovation
  • integrating accessible environmental stewardship into campus operations

Explore Sustainability at Illinois State

There are a lot of people working hard to make our campus green. Learn about our initiatives and how you can participate.


We’re reducing waste by recycling, composting, and reusing.


Shop sustainability with one of our reusable, environmentally-friendly made products.

Food and Events

Sustainability has a strong presence in our dining centers and at campus events.

See all sustainability initiatives

Play an Active Role

From joining a group to changing behavior, there are lots of ways you can make sustainability part of your daily routine.


Learn about the compost kiosks on our campus.

Fix It Friday

Make small repairs to your clothes for free.


Work for the Office of Sustainability.

View all engagement opportunities

Fully Committed

We don’t just talk about sustainability at Illinois State. We make it part of our lives and the campus culture.

See how we’re ensuring a stable future

University Sustainability Designations

Campus Green Map

Find sustainability resources across campus.

Learn About Sustainability

Get some clarity on what sustainability is, what Illinois State is doing, and how you can make an impact.

Request a Presentation

We offer presentations on our efforts and any sustainability topic you want to learn more about. We’ll head to your class, student organization, or anywhere you need us.

Know the Lingo

There are lots of words associated with sustainability.

Learn what they all mean

Sustainability News

Water Wednesdays, fall 2023

Faculty from across campus who share an interest in water-related scholarship and creative activities gather on the first Wednesday of every month for informal sharing and conversations around the common theme of water. 

Support Sustainability

Donations made to the Office of Sustainability supports and advances environmental stewardship and sustainability programs across our campus.

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