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​Dr. David G. Loomis

Dr. David Loomis
Dr. David Loomis

Hello! My name is Dr. David G. Loomis. 

 I am Professor of Economics at Illinois State University. I joined the Department in 1996 after almost 12 years of work at Bell Atlantic (now part of Verizon).  I was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor in 2002 and promoted to Full Professor in 2010.

I am Executive Director of the Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies (IRPS). The IRPS, which is housed within the Department of Economics, seeks to provide a vital link between students, academicians, regulators, consumer advocates, and industry. The Institute provides input into the curriculum, internships for students, state-level workshops, and research.

I am co-Founder and Director of the Center for Renewable Energy. The Center works to meet the growing need for education, outreach and research in the area of renewable energy. 

My Teaching Interests Include:

  • ECO 235 Telecommunications Economics and Public Policy
  • ECO 236 Economics of Energy and Public Policy
  • ECO 335 Economics of Regulation and Antitrust
  • ECO 435 Regulation of Public Utilities
  • ECO 436 Seminar in Electricity, Natural Gas and Telecom Economics
  • ECO 495 Graduate Research in Applied Economics 
  • ECO 498 Internship

My Research Interest​s Include:

  • Regulatory Economics
  • Renewable Energy
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Industrial Organization
  • Telecommunications Economics
  • Forecasting
  • Demand Analysis
  • Applied Econometrics 

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