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Poetry Publications of Krzysztof M. Ostaszewski

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Collected literary (not scientific, financial or political) writings of Krzysztof Ostaszewski are also presented in Opera Omnia.

Krzysztof Ostaszewski has written the followiong five volumes of poetry:

  • Pytania (in Polish), Pokolenie Ktore Wstepuje, Warsaw, Poland, 1980.
  • Patrzymy na zwierzeta (in Polish), Wydawnictwo Iskry, Warsaw, Poland, 1982.
  • Pozornie przynajmniej (in Polish), Wydawnictwo Lodzkie, Lodz, Poland, 1984.
  • Propositions (English translation of Polish originals), Purple Heather Publications, Cowling, West Yorkshire, England, 1986.
  • Possible Solutions (English translation of Polish originals), Legerete Publications, Daphne, Alabama, U.S.A., 1986.

Poetry publications in periodicals are presented below, separated by the year of publication.

  • Opus 4, a tragedy, p. 15 in Dreams And Nighmares, 26(1989), Sinking Swami Press Publications, Troy, New York.

  • Opus 75, a comedy, Prophetic Voices, An International Literary Journal, ISBN 0734-3027, by Heritage Press, Novato, California, U.S.A., 1986, p. 32.
  • Opus 5, a comedy; opus 53, a comedy; and opus 7, a comedy, English translations by the author and by Wojtek Stelmaszynski, Fiction 1986, anthology edited by Guy Daniels and Leslie Woolf Hedley, Exile Press, California/New York, U.S.A., ISBN 0-933515-10-3, pp. 196-199.

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