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Project updates

This page is to update the 2023 USDA-NLGCA project “Research and education capacity building for energy and nutrients recovery from vegetable farm wastes” (USDA Project: 2023-70001-40991), managed by Drs. Liangcheng Yang and David Kopsell at Illinois State University.

Aug 25, 2023: Agreement executed. The project starts on Sep 1, 2023.

Oct 4, 2023: Drs. Yang and Kopsell presented this project to ISU “Water Wednesday”. Approximately 25 faculty and students attended this event.

Oct 16, 2023: Shimadzu GC – 2030 is delivered.

Jan 10, 2024: GC was installed and passed the quality check.

Oct 27, 2023: Drs. Yang and Kopsell visited the Spence Farm, the oldest family farm in Livingston County, IL, and discussed with Mr. Marty Travis and his son Will Travis on partnership and cartridge digestion demonstration.

Nov 6, 2023: 17 ISU students toured the research lab and learned about anaerobic digestion.

Nov 16, 2023: 7 ISU students toured the research lab and learned about anaerobic digestion.

Jan 9, 2024: First project evaluation meeting with internal evaluator Dr. Rob Rhykerd and external evaluator Mr. Michale Brown.

Mar 1, 2024: Dr. Yang presented this project and other projects at the CAST College Research and Innovation Networking Event. Approximately 30 faculty and staff from CAST and other colleges attended this event.

Mar 20, 2024: Finished the initial testing of the cartridge digester.

Mar 22, 2024: Graduate student, Tuba, teaches undergraduate students in HSC257 to use the GC to analyze organic compounds.

Apr 15, 2024: Tuba showed the cartridge digester to Dr. Theoneste Nzaramyimana, Assistant Professor for Urban Agriculture from Kentucky State University, and his graduate students.

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