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Below is a list of courses that Dr. Engelke has taught since joining the faculty of Illinois State University

BSC 415: Advanced Cell Biology

BSC 203: Cell Biology

Molecular basis of key eukaryotic cell functions including motility, adhesion, membrane trafficking, cell-cell communication, and cell division. Lectures (and journal club for BSC 415).

BSC 204: Biological Investigations

This course is designed for students to gain an understanding of the (academic) research enterprise. Via hands-on examples, this course introduces students to how research is conducted and how to read, comprehend, and summarize biological literature. This class also allows students to learn about data analysis, communication of results, and how science impacts society.

BSC 219: Genetics

In this course, we will discuss the mechanisms of heredity and genetic variation, including gene structure and function, transmission genetics, mutation, and genetic analysis.

BSC 290: Research In Biological Sciences

Undergraduate student research in the laboratory comprising essential techniques such as molecular cloning, mammalian cell culture, fluorescence microscopy, and data analysis.

BSC 353: Biotechnology Laboratory I: DNA Techniques

BSC 353 class – fall 2021

This course introduces undergraduate (and graduate) students to fundamental and advanced in vitro and in vivo techniques of DNA manipulation. In a problem-based learning setup, students learn how to develop “real-world” research questions and derive hypotheses that are experimentally tested. To do this, students plan and conduct self-contained projects & analyze and interpret the obtained data to test their hypotheses.

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