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BSC 415: Advanced Cell Biology

BSC 203: Cell Biology

Molecular basis of key eukaryotic cell functions including motility, adhesion, membrane trafficking, cell-cell communication, and cell division. Lectures (and journal club for BSC 415).

BSC 290: Research In Biological Sciences

Undergraduate student research in the laboratory comprising essential techniques such as molecular cloning, mammalian cell culture, fluorescence microscopy, and data analysis.

BSC 353: Biotechnology Laboratory I: Dna Techniques

BSC 353 class – fall 2021

This course introduces undergraduate (and graduate) students to fundamental and advanced in vitro and in vivo techniques of DNA manipulation. In a problem-based learning setup, students learn how to develop “real-world” research questions and derive hypotheses that are experimentally tested. To do this, students plan and conduct self-contained projects & analyze and interpret the obtained data to test their hypotheses.

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