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An Academic Community

The Center for Collaborative Studies in Mathematical Biology has been recognized by the Illinois Board of Higher Education as a research center at Illinois State University. The Center is a branch of the Office of the Provost. Our main mission is to facilitate academic collaboration between institutions and scholars to promote research and education in mathematical biology.

The Intercollegiate Biomathematics Alliance, or IBA, is a consortium created to promote research and education in biomathematics. The IBA strives to bring together institutions both academic and non-academic to build a community advancing the study of biomathematics, ecology, and related areas for the researchers, educators of the mathematical and biological sciences, and active scholars.

Students enrolled at member institutions also enjoy additional benefits that would not otherwise be available. We offer undergraduate research workshops, a graduate curriculum, cross-institutional research opportunities for graduate students and faculty thanks to the collaborative community of departments of the IBA.

News and Events

Our logo contains four symbols:
The strand of DNA, representing biomathematics and the common thread running through the skein of life; the bee, an embodiment of the unceasing, industrious quality of nature and the ubiquity of swarm behavior; the humans linking hands in a gesture of collaboration while also giving a subtle nod to the importance of agent-based modeling; and the tree, a classical symbol of ecology, for whom the budding of a new leaf is the addition of yet another scientific organization to the IBA consortium. Finally, the cube itself presents a structure which transforms disparate components into a unified whole, one whose green color is a more overt nod to the theme of environmental responsibility that so thoroughly permeates our mission.

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