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Winnie Powell Graduate Fellowship

The Winnie Powell Graduate Fellowship is awarded to graduate students who have made outstanding scientific achievements in mathematical biology. This fellowship is awarded in even-numbered years and provides the recipient with $500 towards travel expenses to attend the BEER Symposium the following year.


Successful candidates for the Winnie Powell Graduate Fellowship must be a graduate student who has made outstanding scientific achievements in mathematical biology.


To be considered for a Winnie Powell Graduate Fellowship, a candidate must have a letter of nomination from a senior researcher, as self-nominations are not accepted.

A Nomination Letter and a Letter of Support are important elements of the selection process and are read carefully by the Selection Committee. The letters allow nominators and support writers to give committee members insights about a nominee that are not present in their other application materials (CV, evidence of outstanding scientific achievement, etc.).

The Selection Committee recommends that letter of support be submitted by someone who can speak objectively and knowledgeably about the quality and significance of a nominee’s work.

Materials Required

  • A letter from a senior researcher officially nominating the candidate and describing the candidate’s qualification, initiative, and research.
  • A letter of support
  • Evidence of outstanding scientific achievement
    • Evidence may include a particular publication or presentation by the nominee. If there is more than one author, then the nomination letter and/or letter of support must discuss the nominee’s contributions.
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae (including a list of the nominee’s scientific publications and presentations, if applicable)
  • Unofficial transcript from the nominee’s current institution

Selection Nominations are reviewed and candidates are selected by an independent selection committee of distinguished scientists in the field of mathematical biology. Fellows are selected based on their outstanding scientific achievements.

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