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PEER Program

Opening new doors in science and education together.

Partners in Extending Education and Research (PEER) is an on-demand research design, data analysis, modeling, and computational service hub that the IBA offer to the scientific community.​

Together with your expertise in your subject area and our expertise in experimental design, modeling, data collection, analysis, and computing, we produce cutting-edge scientific and educational work.

What is the PEER Program?

You may be a researcher in psychology working on a project that requires designing an experiment followed by analyzing data, or maybe a Ph.D. student in nursing in need of analysis and interpretation from already collected data. Perhaps you are a biologist who is studying a migration behavior of birds, a health-care professional working on detecting a certain disease and need to construct a complex model, or an educator who wants to know whether students learn better under a different way of knowledge delivery.

How does PEER work?

The PEER Program matches you with a data scientist, statistician, applied mathematician, or computer scientist who will collaborate with you on completing your project with a higher level data-science expertise than what may be common in your own field.

How do I benefit from PEER?

PEER Program is one of many community services that the IBA provides. With the PEER program you may obtain pre-study help, where a statistically sound experimental design for answering your specific research questions is constructed. You may use data-entry, data analysis, and visualization services. You may obtain help in constructing sophisticated mathematical or statistical models for your specific research questions. You may receive help in writing your manuscript, dissertation, or thesis.

Is there a charge for PEER?

PEER Program is free for institutional members of the IBA. If your department is a dues-paying member of the Center for Collaborative Studies in Mathematical Biology, then you are considered an IBA member. Otherwise you may join the IBA as an Individual Member and pay for the services from your institutional or grant funds. Contact the IBA office for details.

How do I get started with PEER?

Get in touch with the IBA office via email or phone. See the IBA’s Contact Us page for details. The IBA office will coordinate with you regarding the next steps.

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