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Project BEAM

Because today’s F1 is tomorrow’s F0.

Biomathematics Education with Applications and Methods (BEAM) provides funding to support undergraduate research conducted with IBA institutional member faculty. There are two funding types as described below. In order to maximize the benefits to students, F&A costs are not allowed on BEAM awards.

Funding is available for research projects conducted during the fall or spring semesters combined with summer.

Application Deadlines

Funding sought for:

Summer + Fall semester: Apply by last Friday of April

Spring + Summer: Apply by first Friday of December​

BEAM Track I: Home institution matching required

This track is intended to support undergraduate research at institutions that offer such funding to their faculty/students. With this, the IBA hopes to help their member institutions stretch​ their own funding to a more expansive number of research groups.

Within this track, the faculty member is eligible for up to $1,000 in funds matching their institutional funding. Students are eligible for up to a total of $1,500 in funds matching any institutional funding that is exclusively for students. Up to $150 additional funding (no matching required) towards publication fees will be awarded if the work is published in Spora. We do not allow F&A costs or operational costs under this track.

BEAM Track II: No home institution matching required

As the IBA is committed to supporting undergraduate research, faculty mentors with no home-institutional financial support may apply for funding under this track. With this, the IBA hopes to extend the opportunities to those who value undergraduate research in mathematical biology, but are limited in resources.

Within this track, the faculty member is eligible for $400 research support funding or stipend. Students are eligible up to a total of $1,000 stipend. Up to $50 additional funding will be awarded towards publication fees if the work is published in Spora. We do not allow F&A costs or operational costs under this track.


This program provides funding for undergraduate research projects initiated at a CURE workshop. Under the CURE-BEAM program, faculty mentors who start an undergraduate project at a CURE workshop receive a $200 honorarium upon submitting a short description of the project with information on student researcher(s), expected outcomes, timeline, and expected dissemination avenues. The student(s) involved in the project receive a total of $300 upon presentation of the project at a regional or national conference, including BEER, or publication at a refereed journal, including Spora. The deadline for the CURE-BEAM proposals is June 30th. This program is limited to institutional member Faculty Mentors, although the students involved may be individual members.​​​​​

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