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Cross-Institutional Undergraduate Research Experience


In light of the coronavirus-related recommendations for reducing travel and the newly imposed institutional travel restrictions on faculty members, we have decided to cancel the CURE Event this year.

Stay healthy.


May 26–29, 2020: Online Session
June 1–4, 2020: On-site Session


University of North Carolina Asheville
Asheville, NC


A workshop where IBA member students and faculty research mentors gather during an all-expenses-paid extended weekend to experience the entire process of conducting research in mathematical biology.


Faculty Mentors present cutting-edge research projects that they are interested in directing and collaborating on with other faculty. Then students visit with each faculty mentor to decide which project they want to work on throughout the year. The workshop continues with programming and scientific/technical writing boot camps. The workshop also includes presentations on various career directions. Current and former graduate students give presentations on graduate school experience and life as a professional working in a data-analysis related industry. Each day ends with a fun activity; a student versus faculty soccer match and a student versus faculty bowling competition.


Because one of the main missions of the IBA community is to create opportunities for undergraduate students to be actively involved in cutting-edge research in mathematical biology. The IBA is dedicated to provide the necessary platform and the needed resources​ continuously so that the next generation of researchers experience the process of conducting research from its start to finish, namely, the initiation of a project, collaboration across institutional boundaries, scientific writing, and dissemination via published articles, and conference presentation.​

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