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How to Start Your Application


You can apply for the IBA Graduate Certificate in Mathematical Biology if you are currently enrolled in a 4-year college or a graduate program studying mathematics, biology, computer science, statistics, or a related field, or currently working in an industry related to mathematics, biology, computer science, statistics, medicine, data science, or a related field.

Selection Criteria

  • ​Good academic standing and leadership potential.
  • ​A commitment to successfully complete courses from the diverse fields of mathematics, ​biological sciences, computer science, and statistics.

How to Apply

Before completing the application form, you will need the following:

  • Statement of Purpose – You will need to craft a statement that explains why you are interested in studying biomathematics. This will need to be uploaded as a PDF file.
  • Recommendation Contact – You will need to provide contact information for a faculty member who is familiar with your academic work.
  • Transcript – You will need to upload a PDF copy of your current transcript.

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